Our Programmes

Environment Program

70% of India’s water is unfit for consumption and nearly 40 million Indian people suffer from waterborne diseases each year.

Our Environmental initiatives build, maintain and recharge water in ponds in local villages which make a significant difference to people’s lives.


We are dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable living for the benefit of both present and future generations. Through our ecology projects, we strive to create a healthier planet and inspire communities around the world to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, and we believe in giving back to the environment by rejuvenating ponds.So far, we have successfully brought new life to six ponds, and we have set our sights on rejuvenating a total of 70 ponds across various cities and villages. This initiative not only replenishes water sources for local communities but also helps restore aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitats.