Our Programmes

Employment Program

The youth unemployment rate in India stands at 23.22%, that’s nearly a quarter of young people unemployed.

Our employment programmes provide education and training to empower young adults and give them the start they need in life. Young adults on our programmes become competent and capable of entering the workforce as Electricians, Fitters, and Technicians, giving them the future they deserve.

Our Initiatives

Our skilling initiatives, Pakka Skills & Sarathi, help youth and women in the community gain skills for employment and sustainable livelihoods.

Pakka Skills

India is currently at a crucial junction in its economic journey to transform into a $5 trillion economy within the next five years. This is a testimony to the country's rapid economic growth. India aims to become the global manufacturing hub, which will also create employment opportunities for millions of youths and contribute to India's massive growth journey.

One of our initiatives, Pakka Skills, focuses on skilling the local youth with the necessary skills to meet global standards. Sustainability is at the core of this initiative, which supports the industry for an easy transition to the green economy and meets the UN sustainability goal of responsible consumption and production.

We are augmenting traditional trades electrician, industrial fitter, recovery boiler operator, energy conservation, solar technician, paper machine operator, instrumentation, civil draughtsman with green technology, digital manufacturing, and future technology. Bringing economic prosperity to rural areas and bridging the rural-urban divide is critical for inclusive growth.


Saarthi empowers women holistically through diverse skill development programs, extending beyond crafting exquisite products. Currently supporting 150 women, Saarthi provides vocational training and support, facilitating market connections for them to showcase and sell their creations.This initiative focuses on enabling women to achieve financial independence, fostering self-sufficiency, and contributing significantly to their families and communities

Sarathi not only equips women with essential vocational skills but also fosters a sense of community and empowerment. Beyond the workshops and training sessions, the program acts as a supportive network, encouraging women to share experiences and knowledge. This community-driven approach also cultivates a supportive environment where women can uplift and inspire each other.

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As we continue to grow, the impact reaches far beyond the individual participants.

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₹ 50,000 for sponsoring a girl to get into technical training

Ensuring a brighter future through quality education and skill development for the women in our local villages and community.