About Us

We are a non-profit that started as KK Charitable Foundation in 2006. Our founder, Mr. K. K. Jhunjhunwala, believed that everyone has potential and deserves an opportunity to shine. Since then, we have impacted countless lives by supporting to improve education quality, building skills for local youth, improving access to health facilities, and promoting ecological balance.

As we embark on a new journey, we have a new name - Pakka Foundation.

"Investing in education is the greatest contribution to humanity as it alters the trajectory of people's lives."
McArthur Krishna
Secretory, Pakka Foundation
People who care a little more

Our Team

At Pakka Foundation, we believe in practical solutions that create lasting change. Our commitment to ‘Earth Love’ influences our actions, and trust is the cornerstone of our relationships with our stakeholders. We strive for excellence through continuous learning and embracing diversity. We believe that everyone can make a difference and we invite you to join us on this journey towards building better communities.

Sarita Upadhyay

Sarita leads Pakka Foundation. With over a decade of experience in the social sector, Sarita is passionate about preparing students from less privileged backgrounds for a successful future. Under her leadership, Pakka Foundation has launched several new initiatives and reforms.

Ramesh Koti

Ramesh is a motivational team leader and passionate about developing sustainable products. He heads Pakka Skills and is responsible for product development as well as innovation at Pakka and aims to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

Meeghan Zohorsky Paul

Meeghan is an impact measurement and management specialist, passionate about using data and technology to maximize social impact. She works at Rippleworks, a foundation that helps social ventures grow by providing them with the necessary tools and expertise.

Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar

Dr. Vishwajeet is a global leader in the development domain, recognized for his work on neonatal care and reduction in infant mortality. He left the US to build an impact in rural India and guides the foundation’s work on education.

Jayant Krishna

Jayant has a distinguished career in industry, government, think tanks, and nonprofits. He leads the Foundation for advancing science and technology and was the first Indian Group CEO of the UK India Business Council.

Subir Shukla

Subir is a roving resource person and a former educational quality advisor to MHRD. A change optimist who works on a large-scale systematic change in education through advising state and national governments across Asia. He supports social organizations to drive impact on society.

Ved Krishna

Ved is the CEO of Pakka Inc, an organization that invests in compostable food carry, service, and packaging solutions from sugarcane residues. With over 20 years of experience, he believes real change will only manifest through scale and looks to collaborate for investments, innovations, technology, and marketing.

Manjula Jhunjhunwala

Manjula is an educationalist and the Founder & Director of Jingle Bell Nursery School Society and Yash Pakka Ltd. she runs several charity schools for underprivileged children and is an active environmentalist and heritage preserver.


McArthur co-owned Free Range Studios, an award-winning ideas marketing studio, and helped lead Pakka to qualify as a B Corp. She uses her storytelling talents to change the world.


Gautam is laughing Budha of Pakka and he energises everyone through his aura. He has been integral part of Pakka and leads initiatives to empower youth and women through skilling. He believes in self-sustainability and poverty alleviation through education and excellence.

How you can help

Small Effort Now.
Big Change tomorrow.

You can become a key part of our foundation by donating today. All donations go toward the Pakka Foundation and our causes. We keep donors updated on the progress of positive outcomes we achieve.