Education Initiatives

Program Approach

At Pakka Foundation, we are dedicated to providing quality education through our unique ‘Hub & Spoke’ model, which ensures seamless progression for students from Krishna Niketan (pre-primary school) to Yash Vidya Mandir (middle & senior school). Our education programs are carefully designed to equip children with 21st-century skills, enabling them to grow into confident, healthy adults, and future leaders.

Empowering Children

Pre-primary Education: Krishna Niketan (Ages 2- 6)

Recognizing the importance of early education, our pre-primary intervention at Krishna Niketan lays a strong foundation for children to keep up with their peers in primary school. Following the (Montessori/ Jingle Bells Nursery School Society) pedagogy, we create an environment that nurtures the inherent potential of each child. Krishna Niketan focuses on:

  • Providing a stress-free and joyful learning environment 
  • Encouraging active learning with child-chosen and age-appropriate activities
  • Experiential learning and project-based pedagogy to engage students in real-world and personally meaningful projects

Primary Education: Yash Vidya Mandir (Ages 6-10)

As children transition from Krishna Niketan to Yash Vidya Mandir, they enter a new phase of learning. Our primary education program fosters hands-on experiences and active learning environments to ensure the development of essential skills. Yash Vidya Mandir’s primary education program emphasizes on :

  • Integrated project system and activity-oriented learning
  • Holistic development for individual and social growth
  • Character and personality building
  • Character and personality building

Middle education: (Ages 10-14)

During middle school, students at Yash Vidya Mandir experience a shift from activity-based learning to a partially CBSE-directed methodology. Our middle education program focuses on:

  • A well-structured, activity, and research-based program

  • Exploration of values, fostering imagination, and developing physical and athletic skills

  • A diverse range of subjects, including English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Sanskrit, and Computers

Senior education: (Ages 14-16)

Yash Vidya Mandir’s senior school follows the CBSE course of studies, adhering to the Board’s guidelines. In addition to the five compulsory subjects (English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, and Hindi), students choose from a range of elective subjects at the senior secondary level. Our senior education program ensures:

  • Comprehensive education through diverse subject offerings

  • Physical, health, and arts education as part of the curriculum

  • Preparation for the future and through academic excellence and personal development

Success stories

The Pakka Foundation’s education programs offer a seamless journey from Krishna Niketan to Yash Vidya Mandir, empowering students to reach their full potential. Through our ‘Hub & Spoke’ model, we strive to provide transformative education that enables children to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Join us in making a positive difference in the world of education.